Lynette Louise



Crazy To Sane

Thank you for visiting the music page. I am proud of this music. The humor and the blunt honesty in this newly released C.D. ‘Crazy To Sane’ makes it unique and as such it is a slightly risky venture.  This abbreviated – and somewhat adapted - version of my one-woman show is based on the true story of adopting, raising and healing autistic children and grandchildren. It is also the story of the child that is left behind.

The music is awesome! The stories are real! I share from the perspective of my life because my children preferred I not share from the perspective of theirs. As a means of underscoring the message as well as reaching across generational taste lines the music in the show ranges from rock to blues to cabaret. And of course Crazy To Sane carries the message of how to go from this to that.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Though the language I use to tell of my adventures is family friendly the content, on occasion, is not. Thus just in case you want to sing-a-long in the car without concern for little ears I included a ‘songs only’ disk with your package.

Help me spread the message that healing others heals ourselves because it is done best from the standpoint of seeing the beauty in people and helping that grow by…

Click on the shopping cart and supporting the cause of brain health and awareness. This is an especially great gift for anyone who is loving an individual who is living with autism.

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To hear a sampling of some of the songs on the CD you can view the music videos below