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Lynette Louise has written articles for diverse publications such as,, Broadway Blogspot, Tribal Woman Magazine, and

She has been a featured guest on radio shows ranging in tone bravofrom parenting eg. (DoriDeCarlo’s World of Mom) to disability activist (Insight on DisAbilities) to health and wellness (Transforming Health with Brad King) to timely topic call-in driven (Black Porch wigh Lon Schmidt) and every style between!

Television appearances have ranged from lifestyle inspirational segments to interview driven news stories and expert panels, Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS, Bravo and more. Follow this link to see Lynette help a celebrity feel calm on BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker in this segment called Hooking Up the Brain to Calm Down.


Articles have been written about Lynette in papers and online magazines such as The Chicago Sun Times and The Ventura County Reporter. As a source for stories on mental health, parenting, the brain, neurofeedback, special needs and more, she is accessible, knowledgeable, and often surprising.Fox

Lynette Louise holds two board certifications in Neurofeedback and is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychophysiology, she is an intelligent and fun guest with a respect for the show; the host and the audience.
For a more complete list of expert appearances, or info on articles written by or about Lynette Louise contact:
Tsara Shelton


Excellent program…When a guest can stop me short with a lack of words as you did at the end of the program…which has only happened a couple times, I tip my hat and that would put you in the top 5 in my book. I would guess that you did the same for many of my listeners. God Bless you…

Lon Schmidt



By interviewing Lynette on Your Program, you will be offering your audience a voice that speaks clearly for everyone in the autism community.

The Adult Autistic: Like so many adults on the spectrum of autism, Lynette spent her childhood with misdiagnosis, bullying, confusion, guilt and depression. She knows well the feeling of living in a world that simultaneously calls you crazy and brilliant.

The Autism Parent: Lynette Louise raised eight children (mostly) on her own. Her four boys all landed in various places on the autism spectrum and with love, intention and an unmatched belief in these boys, only one retains his label and remains low functioning and dependent. She has been where every parent is at some point and is living proof that our kids can come off the spectrum, and when they can’t—that’s okay! Her understanding of the challenges mixed with her humor and up-beat attitude make her a wonderful voice for parents!

The Autism Professional: Lynette is certified in both holistic and mainstream medicine; she is doubly board certified in Neurofeedback and is studying for her PhD in Psychology with a specialty in Psychophysiology at Saybrook Iniversity. She is a neurofeedback practitioner who travels the globe speaking, performing and writing about the brain and the efficacy of neurofeedback as a therapy for autism and other associated brain disorders. She also works intimately with families as a specialist teaching and modeling play therapy, family dynamics counseling, and neurofeedback. She fully understands the plight of the professional and the social climate.

The Media (that’s you!): Lynette Louise paid the bills as a single mom by performing stand-up comedy, taking roles in B-movies and even having her own Canadian cooking show! On camera she is comfortable and intelligent. She is funny and respectful. She has a passion for autism and her knowledge of the subject is unmatched. A show with Lynette is fun and informative, gifting the audience with a new understanding of autism, an understanding that seems to be eluding so many. Also, she has tons of available b-reel that you are welcome to use!

Lynette is author of the book MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to autism, and host of the popular podcast A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS! She is the creator/host of the international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD, now airing on The Autism Channel. Her one woman musical comedy CRAZY TO SANE has brought laughter and autism awareness to venues around the world and is offered free of change throughout the month of April (Autism Awareness Month). And her latest radio show, THE BRAIN BROAD BUILDS A BRAIN airs every other Thursday evening at 10PM Eastern on Health Cafe Live.

Contact Lynette Louise: 713-213-7682 or,


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