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Autism ABCs and Fix it in Five: free from The Brain Broad for April and Beyond

April 2020 – IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) is an international brain change and behavior expert, specializing in autism. As an expert, mom, and clinician she is renowned for going wherever she’s needed or inviting those in need into her home. (See Living with Lynette: an inclusive comedy show based off her real life.)


COVID-19 has challenged her usual mode of work (her clinic on the road goes into people’s homes around the globe) but not her ability to creatively answer such challenges.

In response to the growing need for help, ideas, and encouragement for families now largely homeschooling their children with autism or simply living with them in an uncommon and anxious environment, Dr. Lynette Louise has released season one (Uganda) of her international autism docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD, free for viewing on YouTube.

Show description: “FIX IT IN FIVE is an International Docu-Series that watches Dr. Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, help children with autism and other co-occurring disorders improve. Through the use of play, neurofeedback and brain-behavior science, The Brain Broad teaches parents in their homes!

Season One: UGANDA – Meet single mom, Milly, and her daughter, Trisca, by traveling with Lynette to Uganda.”

Each episode is a little over an hour long, filled with science facts, emotional moments, and valuable family behavior and belief teachings.

Yet, The Brain Broad is doing even more.  To meet the moment and speak directly to families during this time, she is uploading a daily video in her new Autism ABCs series. Each day a short video, between three and ten minutes, is published with a teaching that is represented by the next letter in the alphabet. “A” is for attitude. “B” is for behavior. “F” is for friendship. “H” is for homeschooling. And so on.

As a single mother (Lynette raised eight children; six adopted, four on the autism spectrum, only one retains that label and remains dependent) Lynette knows well the value of accessible and effective resources. It is her passion to create and offer that to families around the globe.

Not only can families and individuals watch and learn with these videos, they can ask questions and receive personalized answers. Lynette loves to cultivate a community of support and continued learning in the comment section. On YouTube, Vimeo, and all her various social media pages, she wants to talk to and work with you.


FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD: Uganda Full Series Playlist

Autism ABCs: Playlist link (with daily uploads until the alphabet is complete!)


In this time of sheltering in place, you are encouraged to invite Lynette into your house, as so many have done, in order to enhance the learning and connecting in your home.


CONTACT: Dr. Lynette Louise – Lynette Louise, D.Sc., Ph.D. ABD

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