Lynette Louise



When I was married my husband used to sing a little ditty he called ‘Don’t wanna know. Don’t wanna do it!’ He sang this ditty every time I asked him to learn something new like where the washing machine lived. It was a chant I at first found amusing, then irritating and finally insulting.

It is also a chant I have taken up and made my own!

Forgive me, but ever since becoming a global autism expert specializing in neurofeedback I have oft found myself experiencing his truth, because now it is I who doesn’t want to know and doesn’t want to do it.

Let me explain why: When I was attempting to pay the bills and raise my eight children as an amateur standup comedienne times were, to say the least, lean. One day while I was standing in line at the food bank mulling over the conundrum I had found myself in I had a EUREKA! moment. It occurred to me that if I sent out fliers and offered to bring music and comedy into bars, I could perform with and hence learn from ‘the best in the biz’ simply by hiring them. Perhaps, I hoped, I would simultaneously be able to afford groceries. It worked! I did and I could!

My ‘rooms’ (industry term) were generally sold out and comics vied for the opportunity to work in them. I, however, very quickly became too busy booking and finding, mailing and check writing to take the stage. I, for all intents and purposes, was an administrator: Something I have never wanted to be. I closed down the rooms. Then, I swore I would never again let running a business keep me from doing the work I came to it for.

Nowadays I Do Wanna Know and I Do Wanna Do It! when it comes to helping disordered brains. I also Do Wanna Know I Do Wanna Do It! when it comes to speaking and teaching others the techniques I discovered after adopting and then raising so many children off the spectrum of autism. In fact it would feel immoral to keep what I learned during this journey to myself. That is why I wrote a book. That is also why I wrote and perform a comedy show complete with brain science and musical ditties. I even want to spread the word so much that I Do Wanna perform For Free Every April – Autism Awareness Month – And Definitely Do Do It!

But all of this comes with a caveat because I don’t want to run a not-for profit organization wherein I employ people and become responsible for their interpretation of my teachings as they represent me around the world. Thus though I am offered administrative and course creating positions often – nay more than often – on a regular basis, thus though I am also cajoled, lectured at, arm twisted and called uncaring for refusing to pick up the gauntlet. I still refuse. Because I Don’t wanna know. Don’t wanna do it no matter how much it pays.

So please forgive me if I am first amusing, then irritating and finally insulting but I’d just rather do the work than create it. Hopefully you can at least admire me for being clear and honest because – like I said – fact is, I don’t want to do it.


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