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Inspire Yourself To Greatness: Change Your Brain, Change The World – NEW BOOK by Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) Now Available

Inspire Yourself To Greatness is science writing at its best, done with heart, rhythm, and soulful truthfulness. Lynette has written a book I couldn’t put down.” ~Mitch Kaplan, award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist, producer and talent agent known as the musical director/collaborator for the Sandra Bernhard Experience, and UnCabaret

July, 2018, Simi Valley, CA – IMMEDIATE RELEASE – World-renowned brain change expert and award-winning author Dr. Lynette Louise (aka “The Brain Broad”), in partnership with Motivational Press, has released her highly anticipated interactive book Inspire Yourself to Greatness: Change Your Brain, Change The World. Bringing her skills together as an international brain expert, storyteller, advocate, and mom, this timely book enlightens readers with the power of neuroscience, psychology, cultural understanding, and parental love. The result is a compelling brain based book that inspires and empowers readers with expertly timed metaphors and stories that are easily understood while offering scientific insight that engages and motivates.

However, it is a belief in humanity’s ability to discover their own gifts and ideas that drives this book. Dr. Lynette Louise presents strategies and perspectives that enable a view of the possible, beyond what readers may have imagined alone, and then she invites – with great passion and interest – readers to participate in the journey.

One beta-reader told her Instagram followers, “The title, Inspire Yourself to Greatness, is brilliantly accurate. Although the author (Dr. Lynette Louise) does offer inspiration, deep understanding, and vast knowledge throughout the book, she also expertly provides space – both figuratively and literally – for the reader to cultivate and display their own personal beliefs, ideas, quotes, and growth. It is enlightening and, dare I say, fun!”

“You are always changing your brain,” explains Dr. Lynette Louise. “You are either building it up and adding to your convictions or breaking it down and re-creating yourself anew. Both are important aspects to purposeful growth and neither one is better than the other. You are always changing. With this book, I help you do so with intention and tools. And we start off, together, with the intention of growing great.”

This book is of great value to anyone with the desire to know themselves at a deeper level and to gain perspectives and insights that will help them continue to build a ‘greater” them. (The definition of what it means to grow oneself into greatness is decided by the reader at the beginning of the book with many opportunities to edit, change, reiterate, or reinvent along the way.)

About the author: Dr. Lynette Louise is an internationally renowned author, speaker, opinion writer, show host, consultant, and brain change expert. Leveraging her understanding of the brain’s plasticity Lynette gives Leaders of all styles a leg up in their industry. Celebrities, politicians, athletes, corporate leaders, and administrators seek her out for advice on how to optimize performance and improve cognition in the workplace. Deservedly referred to as “The Brain Broad” Lynette works tirelessly correcting brain dysfunctions and improving group dynamics both at home and abroad. Dr. Lynette Louise is the single mother of eight grown children (six adopted, five cognitively challenged) and is a passionate advocate for children and families facing adversity around the globe.

CONTACT: Lynette Louise, D.Sc., Ph.D. ABD, Doubly Board Certified in Neurofeedback / EMAIL:
PHONE: 713-213-7682
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“Amazing writing. This is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind compendium on brain science and how self-awareness of your brain states can open the door to an astonishing new life.” ~Martin Olson, author of Encyclopedia to Hell


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