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Miracles Are Made: The Real Life Guide to Autism

MIRACLES ARE MADE: THE REAL LIFE GUIDE TO AUTISM is a real life guide, written from the happenings of real life. In Miracles Are Made Lynette not only shares stories from her personal and professional life, but also illuminates the whys and the wherefores of the social climate parents find themselves in when coping with autism. She does this by educating us on the history of science and social awareness in relation to this disorder. By highlighting neurofeedback and the plasticity of the brain she offers valuable solutions. She teaches us how to make the best of what is possible and recreate the healings she has been fortunate enough to facilitate. As a reader you will come away understanding how to understand autism. You will come away knowing what to do.

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In Search of Teressa: A Journey Into The Mind Of A Woman With Many Personalities

In Search of Teressa is written by Lynette, in partnership with Teressa, a woman who was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities). Though the story is largely a telling of Teressa’s life, the journey is an untangling of how a life – any life – is influenced by our memories, our minds, and our beliefs… all of which can be manipulated. In this memoir there is murder. There is a beautiful love story. There is a search for mental stability and missing memories. There are babies, family vacations, and Disneyland joy. There is hoarding. There is a diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder with alters (alternate personalities).

In Search of Teressa is a powerful true story that invites readers into the elusive world of mind, memory, and psychological stability. Get yourself a copy via Amazon here:

In Search of Teressa: A Journey Into The Mind Of A Woman With Many Personalities

Sever the Cycle of Abuse

Sever the Cycle of Abuse with the Sub Shop Savior is the story of a young mother who is lost, trying to save herself from a deep and dangerously dark place. Her own strength and intelligence are working against her, having been fed a diet of abuse and lies for her entire childhood. With the tenacity of a mom insisting on becoming healthy for her children and the help of an uncommon stranger, a smelly older homeless lady in a sandwich shop, the tangle of abuse and lies is recognized, examined, and severed.

Sever the Cycle of Abuse with the Sub Shop Savior is a true personal story written with candor, empathy, and insight by international brain change and behavior expert Dr. Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, with the inclusion of illustrations by one of her grandchildren. Whether seeking answers to your own personal tangle of abuse and lies or simply desiring a story that pulls you in and gives you the gift of perspective and understanding, this book – in presentation, storytelling, and message – has the ability to do both. The fact is, that’s what it was created to do. The book is available at all online booksellers. Get yourself a copy via Amazon here:

Sever The Cycle of Abuse with the Sub Shop Savior

Inspire Yourself To Greatness

Inspire Yourself To Greatness: Change Your Brain, Change The World is a powerful interactive book. Dr. Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad) taps into her international understanding of culture along with her deep knowledge of the brain to share experiences, insights, brain facts, the science of beliefs, and timeless quotes, all while inspiring us to share our own along with her. There is space allocated in this book specifically for YOU and YOUR beliefs, quotes, ideas, and growth. Get yourself a copy (two is even better, one for writing in now and one for writing in later as you evolve and grow ever-greater) via Amazon here:

Inspire Yourself to Greatness

Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker

Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker

Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker is a story that started to form long before it was written. The author, a mother of several challenged children, explains. “I was in the grocery store with my autistic son when a man hissed at him, ‘Your mother should have had you put down the day you were born,’ then he walked away.” After she confronted the man and his wife and insisted he apologize to her seemingly oblivious son she explained that in fact her son understood everything and was the joy of her life. This left her bothered though. She realized that other moms and dads, loving and caring for their people with similar challenges, needed a way to prevent such an abuse. They needed a story that could lay around on coffee tables and office magazine racks looking so innocently like a comic book that the usually not interested read it. She needed a story that would change hearts and illuminate the truth about the apparently incapable “They are people with great gifts to share.” Then she met the young woman in this story and found her super hero.

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Jeff: A Sexually Realized Spiritual Odyssey Of Stepping Into Love is Lynette’s first book. Written in the form of a letter to an ex-love, it’s a lyrical sharing of the days before neurofeedback and healing. The reader is drawn into her struggle to raise eight challenged kids as a single mom, challenged with her own undefined unbalanced brain. The book is poetic, intimate, and candid. For many people still in the throws of struggle, this first book offers the gift of friendship. As Lynette shares her truth with brave honesty, you will know that you are not alone. And that you, too, can discover answers, choose your path, and heal. This book invites you to know Lynette and her family as they find their footing, and with the creative insistence of Lynette at the helm, discover strength and balance.

*Because Jeff: A Sexually Realized Spiritual Odyssey of Stepping into Love is Limited Edition, I couldn’t help but notice that the cost on Amazon in quite high. I invite you to order the book directly from me at the price of $15.00 per book, plus shipping. I’ll even sign it for you! You can email me at to let me know you’re interested and I’ll make sure you get a copy! You can choose to pay via PayPal–you can find me there with the email address–or by mailing a check. Thank-you so much for visiting my book page. It’s an honor to share my stories with you. ~Lynette

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The Seven Senses of Leadership

The Seven Senses of Leadership explores with detail how to harness and understand our Leadership Sensibilities. By explaining how is is that our senses Lead us, highlighting the strengths and possibilities of each one, and how they rely on and affect each other, The Brain Broad reminds us of the power in Leading and the value of holding motivators and needs of the Group at the forefront. In reading this book we become better Leaders. We also become more educated choosers of who we want want Leading us.  Highly acclaimed! Best seller in Amazon Kindle (Leadership) for several days!

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Caveman Gar

Caveman Gar is a children’s book written by Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) with edits by Sandi Johnson. It is the tale of a boy who lives in two worlds, the one outside his head where people tell him he is bad and wrong, and the one inside where he is king. He is adopted into a family that loves him entirely and as that love grows, both of his worlds come together. Inspired by the true story of how Lynette’s oldest adopted son, Dar, became part of her family, encouraging everyone to love and learn in unexpected ways, Caveman Gar is a creative retelling of their origin story.

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Books That Include Lynette’s Writing
A New Year to A new You

A New Year to A New You

A New Year to A New You captures the best golden nuggets from leading authorities on how to achieve the greatest success in the year to come. Designed to take you deep into the work of over 30 experts in the psychology and secrets of creating results.

This compilation includes a fabulous and insightful Santa Clause story written by Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad.

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Ready, Aim, Thrive!: Discover How To Flourish and Prosper TODAY from Top Experts

Ready, Aim, Thrive!

Ready, Aim, Thrive! is a priceless work that will encourage and inspire you to be triumphant over your own obstacles. This is your time to stop striving and start thriving.Experts include: Viki Winterton, James Malinchak, Andrea Lard, Beth McBlain, Clint Arthur, Gregory Cook, Jamie Dickenson, Melanie Fatuesi, Norka Parodi, Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, Galit Goldfarb, Jill Mooradian, Lynette Louise, Mary Beth Daniels, Susana Tuya Sarmiento, Wren Owens, Bonnie Gordon Patterino, Cali Gilbert, Diana Kendros Makeig, Emily Petroff, Hal Price, Melanie Robinson, Steffi Black, MichelJoy DelRe, Susanne Whited, Susie Briscoe and Yossi Daniel.

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30 Days to a new you

Imagine: 30 Days to a New You

Imagine: 30 Days to a New You is a collection of the cutting-edge tips, tools and strategies from the world’s leading experts in success, business, leadership, self-help, and health. It is designed to guide you to your highest and best self. Read a chapter, and take action, then read another chapter, and take more action. Soon enough, you’ll be amazed at the life you’ve created! Contributing Experts to IMAGINE Include: Lew Bayer, Terri Levine, Tracy Spears, Doug Sandler, Wally Schmader, Scott Behson, Elisabetta Faenza, Rick Clemons, Corey Jahnke, Lynette Louise, Meridith Elliott Powell and more!

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Lightning Growth

Lightning Growth: Success Strategies for Today’s Leader Imagine having a secret system that if implemented would significantly increase the level of results you are producing in your life. We’re talking about all areas of life: health, business, finance, personal and communal leadership.

Lightning Growth is designed to provide you those strategies in an easy to digest, quick read from some of the world’s foremost experts. They’ll provide the secret sauce they use to achieve the greatest results in the top areas of their lives. We believe in finding the experts who are achieving the most in a specific area, study their path, and follow their steps to create our own success. This is that guide for you.

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Women Who Rock

In this unprecedented collaboration, Natasha Duswalt, author, speaker, and founder of Peak Models & Talent and 33 other extraordinary women share their personal and inspirational stories of success.  These empowering and uplifting stories by women from all walks of life, have overcome challenges, solved problems, or changed their lives for the better will help you find your own inner strength, empowerment, and resilience, and remind you to think positive, count your blessings, and use the power that you have within you to inspire others.  Real stories from real women. Readers will enjoy featured stories from authors that include NY Times Best-Selling Author, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich, co-founder of Beyond Diet, Isabel De Los Rios, the owner of FrankieB. Jeans, Daniella Clarke, and Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad) international mental health expert/speaker/and creator of FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD.

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