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Lynette has shared the stage with, and interviewed such talents and world changers as, Howie Mandel, Norm Macdonald, Mitch Hedberg, Temple Grandin, Donna Williams, Tony Attwood, Annie Potts, Patti Stanger, Madam Becky, Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Merzenich, Denise Crosby, Sebern Fisher, Bessel van der Kolk, Lynette Jennings and many, many more!

Dr. Lynette Louise (aka THE BRAIN BROAD) has a doctorate in bio science, held two board certifications in Neurofeedback (BCIA, NTCB) and is Ph.D. , ABD in Psychology, with a specialty in Psychophysiology.  She is available to speak on a variety of topics, from Neurofeedback and the Autistic Brain to Making it in Motherhood to New Neurons with Neurofeedback to Raising the Autistic Child, and much more.

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The Brain Broad is also a speaker for RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and does important talks on topics such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, and the effects of abuse on mental health. Her popular college topic, Getting Beyond Your Sexual History and Raising Your Relationship IQ -A Look at Tend and Befriend, teaches about the brain’s natural defense in abuse situations, the common mistake of victim blaming and the relationship between the two. She then offers tools and simple tips for changing the story and staying safe. An engaging and entertaining presenter, Lynette has experience with every type and age of audience. Equally knowledgeable about both the practical and theoretical sides of her subject matter, Lynette makes difficult subjects easy to grasp.To Book a Speaking Engagement or other Appearance, call 713.213.7682 or email Click here for:

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A Few Testimonials:

**Lynette is a Top Rated Speaker (avg 4.58 out of 5) as rated by audiences and organizers.**

“I can definitely affirm that Lynette Louise’s talk at the American University of Paris in the spring of 2012 marked the minds of each audience member. She was incredible. Her introduction to autism was not only insightful, but entertaining. She even used a very interactive example that left us full of emotion and the desire to act. Thanks to her, the students gained a clear understanding and grasp of brain disorders like autism. To this day they recall, and give credit for the actions they take in support of autism, to her inspirational speech.”
~Louloua Smadi, Founder of the AUP Autism Awareness committee

“Thank you Lynette for sharing your passion and courage at our Mending Hearts Gala. You brought the crowd to their feet with your story of determination and perseverance and helped Yellow Brick House raise crucial funds for our Crisis line.”
~Pamela Massaro, Manager, Resource Development, Yellow Brick House – Empowering Abused Women & Children

“Lynette Louise has an innate ability to reach and relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.  She succeeds with major breakthroughs. Her results are unprecedented. It is her ability to tune in and relate to people. Traveling the globe she is sought out for her breakthrough methods that work that change people’s lives. She helps everyone better understand how they think and relate to people by better understanding their brain. The Seven Senses of Leadership is both thought provoking and inspiring. This book will inform your understanding of how and why you must love to lead if you wish to lead with love. Lynette is amazing in every aspect of her work. From authoring books to being an amazing speaker on stage with humor, passion and compassion.”
~Sharon A. Burstein, President / CEO, Sharon Burstein International, Award-winning author, Speaker, International Leadership and Marketing Consultant

“Lynette is not only packed full of valuable information you won’t hear anywhere else, she is also incredibly entertaining in her delivery. She is a leading edge expert who isn’t confined by walls. She thinks outside the box and has so much insight to share! “
~Julie Sando, Director of Autistically Inclined


“Lynette Louise The Brain Broad spoke at a fundraiser for my film ‘A State Of Being!’ She was astounding. She entertained, informed and delighted us with stories. She is an unmatched talent and I am thrilled to promote her.”
~Ken Thompson producer/director, YAINO TV Productions

“Lynette Louise is one of the most caring, compassionate, and funny people I have ever met during my time working in the field of Autism Awareness. Her toolbox includes (but certainly isn’t limited to) straight answers, positive reinforcement, and neurofeedback. All of which combine to make her the total package “Brain Broad” that will absolutely rock your event. She did ours!”
~Michael Couey Executive Director The Hayley’s Ride Foundation, An Autism Advocacy Group

“If you’re ready to experience more joy and happiness, then hire my friend Lynette Louise as she truly cares about making a positive difference!”
~James Malinchak Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” Author, Millionaire Success Secrets Founder,

mom speaks

“Lynette Louise has an innate ability to reach the core of children with special needs especially those with Autism. She is a cross between the Miracle Worker and the Child Whisperer. She succeeds with major breakthroughs where all before previously failed. Her results are unprecedented. It is her ability to tune in and relate to people. Traveling the globe she is sought out for her breakthrough methods that work that change people’s lives. Lynette is amazing in her work, her books and is an amazing speaker on stage with humor, passion and compassion.
~Sharon A. Burstein, President – S.A. Burstein & Associates, Speaker, Author – Life Snacks Books, What’s Your Leadership Image

“I was blessed with the opportunity, which I decided to take, to go hear Lynette Louise speak one day, back in October, 2012. Deciding to go hear what she had to say, I believe, was the most positively life-changing decision I had ever made. I excitedly listened as she taught about the brain and neurofeedback, I absorbed and felt inspired by her personal stories; and from it all I was gifted with the hugest sense of hope that for my own life, too, the possibility to heal and to transform into something better existed within my reach.”
~Rachel Clark, student

mom speak

“I was floored! Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad spoke to our group of diverse individuals and every word she spoke was life changing for every person in the room. She made us laugh, learn, cry and become better. ABSOLUTELY recommended!”
~Jody Moore, President and Founder of the Alameda Autism Community Network
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FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD is now available for viewing on The Autism Channel! FIX IT IN FIVE is an idea hatched out of Lynette’s desire to share her tools of change with volume! Lynette Louise is eagerly invited into homes around the world where she teaches important attitudinal shifts and brain science to families struggling with brain disorders. Hundreds of children, parents, aunts and grandpa’s have benefited from her passion and neurofeedback equipment. According to Lynette, “That’s not enough!”

By offering her services as a reality show Lynette will be able to give families willing to be on camera a free five day life changing therapy marathon. At the same time audiences will be gifted with answers, entertainment and an exampling of living life with creativity and intention. Lynette Louise is in touch with her silly side which is useful for teaching kids. She is also in touch with her dorky side which has an unmatched passion for the brain, and it’s disorders. Whether it’s depression, dyslexia, ADD, OCD, autism, Parkinson’s etc., she has an analogy and answer that will make change easier, and even a little bit fun!

During the filming of the pilot episode, Lynette got a good headbutt from an autistic teen she was working with and lost a tooth. With this event (which brings blood and action to our series!) there was a huge learning for both mom and son. Lynette explains,”You can’t walk gingerly. You have to say I’m going to love you with gusto and we are going to get to the end of this.” Audiences will love FIX IT IN FIVE with gusto.

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