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Seeking The Leadership Path

Leadership cover

Virtual Leadership Summit

with renowned guests

This Virtual Leadership Summit asks several International Leaders their definition of Leadership and Success. Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad facilitates the discussion and gathers advice from around the globe.



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Videos by Leader Guest

Sharon Burstein: Be the Better Best Leader You Can Be – beginning work at the young but wise age of 15, Sharon Burstein has continuously moved forward, leading the way and inspiring others. As is her passion she offers tips to help you find your personal better best leader-self.

Justin Sachs: Your Influence and Support of Others – Upwardly mobile motivational entrepreneur and successful business owner Justin Sachs discusses his belief in supporting others through effective Leadership.

Kenny Robinson: Honor the Material – Award winning comedian Kenny Robinson and Lynette Louise return to their roots of entertainment Leadership. Remembering the Leadership Kenny once offered Lynette, together they offer us hard learned (and cleverly laughed at!) lessons.

Simon Rakoff: Negative Leadership vs Legitimate Leadership – While eating a bagel renowned comedian Simon Rakoff discusses (between bites) the important differences between Leading via authoritarianism or fear and leading through inspiration and collaboration.

Annie Potts: Hardship and Testing Your Metal – Renowned actress Annie Potts reminds us that we can build power and brilliance out of our hardships. Annie shares some of her hardships with us, brilliantly offering Leadership tips by example. We all recognize Annie from her film and stage roles. Here she invites us to know her from her heart; which is brilliant, too.

Howard Lapides: Leading from Behind The Scenes – Howard Lapides is a producer and manager, successfully putting people and ideas in-front of audiences nationwide. Here he discusses how that compliments his definition of Leadership: The Person That’s In The Front Able To See More Than The Rest.

Frank Caruso: An Artist Is In Business – Owning pizza stores while writing, directing, producing, and acting seem like strange bedfellows. But in this video Frank Caruso shares how understanding business is valuable in Leadership and doing what you love.

Mark Breslin: Disparate People Under One Vision – Growing up in the 60s as a radical advocate and accepted in fringe groups, influential Yuk Yuk’s comedy club co-founder Mark Breslin shares his vision of Leadership for our eclectic audience.

Walt Grassl: Willing To Be Uncomfortable – Terrifically shy but certain that he wanted to make a difference in the world, Walt Grassl talks to us about choosing to get over his stage fright at age fifty and the Leadership that can be found in being uncomfortable in front of an audience.

Korby Banner:  A Genuine Smile – Renowned photographer and beauty expert Korby Banner offers an entire stylists kit worth of appearance tips to help us be seen as a Leader. We tend to believe sight more than any of our other senses and Korby helps us take advantage of that!

Jeff Kasky: Set Goals That Mean Something For You – For Jeff Kasky a goal that mattered was helping kids in the foster care system find permanency with a family that would be something wonderful for them. A lawyer and adoption mediator, Jeff offers tips to help us find our permanency.

Erik Peper: A Message That’s Meaningful To You – Erik Peper, Professor of Holistic Health of San Fransisco State University, shares specific biofeedback tips easily implemented for confidence. Meanwhile he reminds us to focus on our message as Leaders; which inspires confidence.

David Albert Pierce: Unify To Achieve The Mission – David Albert Pierce is an entertainment lawyer with heart. Here he talks candidly and comfortably with us about how he uses heart in Leadership; unifying groups and corralling his dreams to achieve diverse missions.

Jonah White: Leadership Is More Than The Person Who Goes First – A fascinating storyteller with fascinating stories to tell, Jonah White (of the reality television special, “Billy Bob’s Gags to Riches” on the Discovery Channel) shares his vision of Leadership and Success.

Rob Kall: Bottom up, Top Down – It’s all about Balance. Rob Kall, Editor-in-Chief and Host of The Rob Kall Bottom-up Radio Show discusses the value of grassroots Leadership.

Greg Reid: Success is Freedom – With passion and brilliance renowned speaker Greg Reid counsels us (the word “counsel” means more after the video!) on how he Leads by example. He then offers us – exclusively! – an equation for success that is both profound and easy to apply.

Lesley Nardini: Grown Up Sexy – In this fun video renowned speaker Lesley Nardini shares her thoughts on the three pillars of Leadership. The girl talk gets increasingly intimate and fun as the creator of Grown Up Sexy gives us specific tips for staying vibrant!

Janie Lidey: Lean Into Your Own Gift – With the power of music Emmy-Winning Songwriter and speaker Janie Liday leans into her gift with music in order to Lead. She shares her gift of music with us and offers tips so we, too, can lean into our unique gifts for successful Leadership.

Angel Marie Monachelli: Why Shine? – When we shine we learn better, we feel better, and we draw people to us. In Leadership shining can be one of your greatest assets. Speaker and author Angel Marie always felt as though she shined differently, which encouraged her to get to know, understand, and harness her shine. Here she shares that ability with us.

Tony Scruggs (The Empathy Guy): Compassionate Leadership – The Empathy Guy, Tony Scruggs, examples the power of empathy and compassion in Leadership. His definition of Leadership (spoiler alert!) encompasses that compassion: “Initiate Greatness with Inspired Guidance.”

Ann DeVere: Show Up Powerfully – When Ann DeVere helps her clients create their own successful WebTV shows, there are several factors to work through and learn. But most important is to always show up powerfully. In this video Ann shows up powerfully while offering us concrete filming tips.

Frank Shankwitz: Make-a-Wish & Make it Happen – with hard work, integrity and heart Frank Shankwitz has truly been making wishes happen. Not only as creator of the Make-a-Wish Foundation but also as a renowned keynote speaker, subject of an upcoming film, and a retired police officer who finds his Leadership success by rolling up his sleeves and offering help to folks he meets.

Tracy L. Spears: Softball Leadership – Accomplished athlete, author and co-founder of The Exceptional Leaders Lab Tracy L. Spears takes some time to share her view of the Leadership game with us. Forever keeping an eye on the ball, caring for the audience, inspiring the team, and earning the trophy, Tracy hits this interview out of the park!

Paul Morrow: Family Business Success – Dinner talk is business talk for Paul Morrow; it’s a family business thing. He suggests that his idea of Leadership is: “Being willing to self sacrifice for the good of the organization.” Well, that might be a family business thing, too! Paul shares Leadership insights and invites us to the family table.

Mak Jawadekar: Keep the Focus In Play – Great Leadership means keeping everyone on your team focused on the goal. Mak Jawadekar, PhD – formerly a Director, Portfolio Management & Analytics, Pfizer Inc – shares how he successfully Leads his teams while relying on experts.

Jay Gunkelman: Sometimes You Have To Cut Off Your Ponytail – Leaders never lose who they are but they are also willing to do what it takes to reach their goal. Jay Gunkelmen, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Brain Science International, discusses his rogue history of learning and Leading with us. Also, he tells the story of having to cut his ponytail!

Elisabetta L. Faenza: Express Your Purpose – For renowned strategist Elisabetta L Faenza Leadership includes Leading a group and reaching a goal that could otherwise not be reached by one person alone, and success comes when we express our purpose without giving up any of our values. With fascinating understanding and knowledge Elisabetta brings us through generations of influence to help us express our purpose.

Sharkie Zartman: Prove Your Husband Wrong – Sharkie Zartman (UCLA All American, WPVA Beach Volleyball Pro) suggests that the path to success comes from taking action. And she herself is a great example of that type of Leadership! Despite her husband’s playful suggestion that she had a “snowball’s chance” of getting published, she’s now the successful author of several books (and a wife with a knowing grin).

Kurt Yaeger: Love Being Wrong – Former professional BMXer turned successful actor Kurt Yaeger shares the value of embracing “being wrong.” Leadership requires Leading into often unfamiliar places where being wrong is both guaranteed and filled with opportunities to learn. Kurt (who is also a below the knee amputee) shares stories and insights; and they are not wrong.

Charlie Scola: Make Your Team Feel Comfortable – Like a party host, Leaders are in a position to help their team feel comfortable. Renowned party planner Charlie Scola offers specific event/party planning tips while sharing his ideas on Leadership and Success. Get comfy and join the party!

Patrick Bertagna: Big Dreams and Methodical Steps – Patrick Bertagna is a successful serial entrepreneur (on his seventh successful company). In this episode of Seeking The Path he shares Leadership tips with clarity and passion. Successfully suggesting methodical steps for our big dreams!

Leah Taylor Roy: Give In Your Lifetime – Great Leadership lasts beyond the life of the Leader because of the things they give in their lifetime. Leah Taylor Roy and her husband find joy in philanthropy. In this video Leah discusses the value of strategically giving away your knowledge, time, and money in your lifetime.

Ken Krell: We’re Always Selling – Influencers are purposeful and keep this selling in mind. Ken Krell has trained real estate investors and entrepreneurs for 30 years. In this video he offers a brilliant rubber band analogy to help us have fun in our Leadership role while knowing when to “snap” back to our purpose.

Mystery Businessman: The Fundamentals Are All The Same – No matter what your product is the fundementals of doing business, globally, are all the same. According to Mystery Businessman relationships, acceptance, trust, and knowing your product matter most. Understanding and learning about different cultures in an international business will help you with those fundamentals. And now, that’s no mystery!

Kayla Kares4Kids: If You’re Passionate Others Will Be To – Kayla is passionate, brilliant, and a non-stop believer in possibilities. The fourteen year old founder of Kayla Cares 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that donates and delivers DVDs to children’s hospitals and related facilities, proves her Leadership by feeding her passion, connecting to her community, and dreaming big.

Marianne Dinicola: Managing Together – The moment Marianne Dinicola (diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder) learned the cause of her daughter’s stress related health problems, she took action. Successful in business she had the financial means to explore a myriad of options, but it is the taking action that proves her Leadership. Alongside her children Marianne continues to Lead her family’s growth, health, and happiness by managing together.

Danny Brassell: I Ain’t All That – When Danny Brassell excites students to learn it’s largely because he builds on their interests and motivators. Knowing that “he ain’t all that” helps him get out of his own way and truly inspire by knowing his audience. (BTW: We think Danny IS all that!)

Craig Duswalt: Be Reminded Of What You Know – Leaders unanimously agree that learning is of great value. Rockstar marketing guru Craig Duswalt takes us one step further (as true Leaders do!) by telling a story of getting lax about his own marketing. With rockstar energy he gives us concrete marketing tips and suggests learning to discover what we don’t know, and learning to be reminded of what we do know.

Lynette Louise, aka The Brain Broad: Forward Motion and Congruence – Lynette Louise (aka The Brain Broad) takes a thoughtful and important moment to share her own definitions of Leadership and Success. Your brain, your business, and your life will thank you.

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