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Welcome to all things Lynette Louise!

International award winning speaker, entertainer, author, consultant, brain change expert, mental health advocate, mom

In a world where lots of people have multi-hyphenated identities, a whole new language would have to be invented to describe Lynette Louise. She is an artist and an academic, a brainiac and a goofball, a healer and a heat-seeking missile. She is a rock and a free spirit, and most of all, she is the loving mother of an intense, colorful, demanding brood of eight (now adult) children (five with special needs) and eight grandchildren.

A New Spin on Autism

 Lynette is love in action.

Lynette has a doctorate in bio science and held two board certifications in Neurofeedback (BCIA, NTCB). As a neurofeedback specialist, Lynette Louise (commonly referred to as “The Brain Broad”) is on the cutting edge of treating autism, Parkinson’s, depression, and other brain-related disorders. With extensive training in several disciplines addressing autism and a 30+ year personal history of working with her own special needs children, Lynette has achieved an expertise that is both scientific and intuitive, and is creating miraculous results with her clients.

To learn more about this work, please visit the BRAIN & BODY website.

*COVID-19 UPDATE AND FREE GIFT: During this global time of staying home, sheltering in place, and shifting society, Lynette Louise has released the first two seasons of her renowned international autism docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD in their entirety on YouTube fto share with you and your family.

FIX IT IN FIVE, Season One, Uganda


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We hope for health, growth, and happiness in your home!

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All Brains Grow | At Home Therapy

When Lynette Louise first created her Clinic on the Road, more than a decade ago, she knew she was onto something life-changing. She knew it would lead to meeting uniquely challenged people around the world and that they would love and learn together. However, she didn’t foresee the passion for brain and behavior science she would ignite in so many. Particularly her protege, Louloua Smadi, whom she met in 2008.

Lynette and Louloua

During their years together, Louloua has helped learned to herself and her family, worked with clients around the world, and written her first book, From Client to Clinician: The Transformative Power of Neurofeedback Therapy for Families Living with Autism and Other Special Needs.

And because she agrees that having these tools, this knowlege, in your home is a vital part of growing healthy brains, Lynette and Louloua worked together to bring you an online course, Heavenly Homes, that was built exclusively for that reason. To bring the necessary knowledge to you, in your home, in order to help you create an environment built for intentional growth, peace, and skill building. A heaven at home kind of environment.

With fun instructional videos, downloadable content, access to both Lynette and Louloua, a virtual community of parents and caregivers to safely chat with on the site, All Brains Grow is a powerful way to access most of what Lynette’s Clinic on the Road had to offer.  Combining their skills and assets, Lynette and Louloua make learning fun, memorable, and meaningful for you and your children.

Everything is available via the All Brains Grow Website.

Follow this link for access to the site: All Brains Grow


“You can’t walk gingerly. You have to step in and say I am going to love you robustly, and we are going to get to the end of this!”

“Understanding the intricacies involved in raising someone with a physical or mental challenge for those who have never experienced it is like trying to understand anything foreign; impossible, though definitely worth doing anyway.”

“You keep what you keep your eye on.”

“A Natural Leader naturally knows how to build herself using the world around her and the raw material of her personage. A Learned Leader learns to do the same. In the end, you can’t tell one from the other. So learn.”

“The more weight I lose the older I look. The younger I look the fatter I am. Life is a series of choices.”

“Remember, the timetable is arbitrary. There is no point at which a child must be done and done is an illusion.”

“Imagine yourself perfect and you are. Unless you look to see otherwise.”

“Ideas don’t grow simply because they have been planted. They must fall on fertile soil.”

“Parenting was my goal, ever since I can remember. I have learned more from teaching my children than I could have ever learned from chasing a dream with fewer people to care for. I am greedy. And so I filled my world with a lot of people to love.”

“Using neurotypical rules to teach and understand non-neurotypical people is a neurotypical mistake.”

“Enjoy your moments, they become your life!”

“The way to make an unlovable child lovable, is to love him.”

~Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD

Brain Broad city

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