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Okay, so I love to talk… about everything and anything, really… So here you will find insights, updates, musings, and whatever else I feel so inspired to share. Please feel free to post a response, I will do my best to keep the conversation going… Enjoy!!


Intimacy and Autism

Wednesday, February, 08, 2023

Sexual Education is highly important for your autistic loved one. Not only for their sexual wellness, but for their overall self-awareness, self-esteem, and social skills. It is vitally important, all the way to the point of step-by-step instruction, especially related to clean up and privacy.

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Where’s the High Road?

Tuesday, December, 06, 2022

The liars in my life are hurting me today. Usually, they inspire me to seek the high road. Find a path that’s not so riddled with chaos and finger pointing. Find a path that leads to healing and happiness with no dark allies or caverns to caress. Today, however, I’m wondering if I’ve ever been

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Road with snow on the edges

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My Mom as a Mom vs Me as a Mom – Regarding Gender

Monday, May, 23, 2022

My daughter, Tsara, wrote a blog post earlier this year (click on the following link to read it: Born a Girl). It is quite amazing, as is she. Every once in a while I read something my children have written about an exchange between them and I. Always, I am amazed to discover how lovely

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Lynette with Tsara

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Love in the Direction of Healing

Friday, May, 20, 2022

A friend of mine asked a question which led to an answer that I have refined for this post. I hope it helps someone. Love alone isn’t enough to heal brains and bodies. Love alone isn’t enough because some people’s idea of a loving act is incorrect for the circumstance and is actually going to

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Love and direction

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The Best Day

Saturday, April, 16, 2022

The Best Day: Heading home after doing good work while away.

The joy on granddaughter's face is like the joy of heading home

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Patiently, I Waited

Friday, September, 24, 2021

As a young child my son had sensory problems that made brushing his front teeth intolerable. The dentist (who used laughing gas) chastised me for not forcing the issue. I stopped going to that dentist, stopped subjecting my under-the-influence son to the sight of his mother being lectured. We stayed away from the negative energy. And patiently, I waited.

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Misconceptions That Hinder Happiness and Progress

Friday, February, 19, 2021

I’m often asked unexpected questions. Recently I was asked to offer insights on a few common lies or misconceptions we tell ourselves that hinder progress. My literal mind understood “hinder progress” as meaning in society. The progress of a society. Then, as I was answering the questions, questions that covered specific lies and misconceptions chosen

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Dress-Up for the Holidays

Monday, December, 21, 2020

This holiday season we are gathering in smaller groups. Keeping our fun limited to the people we are generally in close contact with already. So, I’d like to offer a fun suggestion for renewing the joy and bringing something special to this year’s festive time. Admittedly, the tip is written with families who have small

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Controlling Your Rate of Growth and Changing your Mind

Tuesday, November, 17, 2020

It’s that time of the year again here in North America. A time of gathering around our favorite foods, drinks, people, presents, ornaments, and games. But it’s also a brand new kind of that time of year. A time for figuring out how to celebrate differently and safely. Yet, I don’t know if you’ve noticed

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Staying Motivated: It’s Important to Move

Tuesday, October, 20, 2020

It’s important to move. For some, waking up, getting motivated, and meeting a brand new day with intention isn’t as much of a challenge as staying motivated and clear on goals and intentions throughout the day is. Particularly for folks finding themselves at home and entirely responsible for keeping themselves motivated and clear on their

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