Lynette Louise


Coffee For Sleep? Absolutely!

Happy National Coffee Day!

Before I managed to balance my brain with neurofeedback therapy, I was self-medicating for sleep with coffee.

If I had five cups of coffee I slept too late and a little bit jittery with a lot of interesting dreams.

If I had no coffee I didn’t sleep at all.

But if I had three cups of coffee I slept really well.

I listened to and trusted myself until I discovered my desired dose of coffee. My sleep medication worked well and was quite delicious!

That set me up for complete understanding of arousal and sleep. An understanding that helps me help families get sleep around the world. I generally use neurofeedback rather than coffee to help them, but first I listen to what they tell me about their self-medicating habits. Whether they use coffee, alcohol, sounds, lights, or other interesting things to help them sleep, an understanding of arousal and sleep (first introduced to me by my own coffee sipping sleep habits) is valuable.

When your brain is in a balanced place you sleep well; you weave in and out of sleep flexibly. When it’s not, you either need stimulation or calming down.

In my case, I needed coffee.

Think about it.

What do you need?

Happy National Coffee Day!

Getting ready for sleep.

Getting ready for sleep.


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