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“Seeking The Leadership Path” with guest Elisabetta L. Faenza

Express Your Purpose – For renowned strategist Elisabetta L Faenza Leadership includes Leading a group and reaching a goal that could otherwise not be reached by one person alone, and success comes when we express our purpose without giving up any of our values. With fascinating understanding and knowledge Elisabetta brings us through generations of influence to help us express our purpose.

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Guest Bio: Elisabetta Faenza is an author, speaker, mentor, profiler, StRategist, and writer. Elisabetta’s journey as a story teller began at an early age. With a passion for research and sharing people’s stories, Elisabetta is able to discover what is special about you and your business, and strategically communicate your message through the written and spoken word, across multiple media. Elisabetta is an expert in human performance, specializing in the application of the latest research in epigenetics – how our genes and environment interact – to optimise organisational and societal outcomes. With 30 years experience working with individuals, corporates, transnationals, non-profits and government agencies, Elisabetta can help you maximize individual, team and organizational performance. Learn more about Elisabetta here:

This Virtual Leadership Summit asks several International Leaders their definition of Leadership and Success. Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad facilitates the discussion and gathers advice from around the globe.


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