Lynette Louise


Shoemaker’s Kids

I’ve been on the road working with other people’s children for a month and expecting to go home in a couple of days. Yesterday I was feeling impatient and worrying about the saying a shoemaker’s children have no shoes. ‘How does that relate to me?’ I wondered. Could it be that a Neurofeedbacker’s children have no neurons? Nah – How silly. I sluffed it off as highly unlikely. But still, though I love all the kids I work with, I do at times worry about not giving enough of myself to my own family. It is true that my kids are all over 21 but even as they have grown and gone, grandkids have come along to pick up the slack of needing attention, so the concern is still a valid one. At least that’s what I was telling myself when my nine year old, used to be autistic, grandson Shay took the phone from his mom. He told me a little of his school news and shared something about a couple of his friends. Then out of subject matter he said goodbye closing with a simple statement, “ I guess I’ll let you go I just thought you might like to hear my voice.” !?!?!

Apparently when I worry about them needing attention they think it looks like I’m the one in need



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