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Another Personal and Poetic Narrative by Dr. Lynette Louise in Her Latest Book: Sever The Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior – Published Jan. 2019 via Motivational Press

January 24, 2019 –  Simi Valley, CA: Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) is famous for her ability to share important science regarding behavior and beliefs through powerful and intimate storytelling. In her latest book, Sever the Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior, she offers audiences yet another peek at her personal traumas while guiding them to answers, both personal and universal.

In similar fashion to her previously published poetic picture book Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker, Sever the Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior is told poetically (though not in rhyme) and accompanied by emotive images. Where The WingMaker offered a collage of photos starring family members in various roles, The Sub Shop Savior presents sketches by one of the author’s grandchildren; Ronan Paris was wrestling with gender identity when The Brain Broad stepped in and offered the opportunity to express those emotions artistically, albeit on a different subject. She hoped that the act of artistically committing to a public project would help with both self-esteem and self-discovery. Lucky for Ronan, it did. Lucky for audiences, we feel it.

The story is of a lost young mother (the author), trying to save herself from a deep and dangerously dark place. Her own strength and intelligence are working against her, having been fed a diet of abuse and lies for the entirety of her childhood. With the tenacity of a mom insisting on becoming healthy for her children and the help of an uncommon stranger, a smelly homeless old woman in a sandwich shop, the tangle of abuse and lies is recognized, examined, and intentionally severed.

The story stirs emotions while it teaches. “You can let go of the baggage in your life when you stop looking at it and focus on a goal of your choosing,” explains Louise.

Dr. Lynette Louise works effectively as a brain and behavior clinician (as well as neurofeedback practitioner) in homes around the world, helping families of various cultures, belief systems, with diverse economic stories. “I help people by sharing much of the knowledge offered in this book. Fact is, it’s true that we are all unique individuals, but it’s also true that we are similar and built with the same basic ingredients. Hence, some general information, when taken in and turned personal, can help everyone. I want to be part of that on as big a scale as possible.”

Dr. Lynette Louise is an award winning author, speaker, filmmaker, and humanitarian. She is also a woman and mother who worked to understand the abuse she survived as a child and how it had infected many of the choices she made as a young adult. With help from a women’s shelter in Ontario, Canada she took steps to sever that cycle, eventually taking the reins and understanding on a deeper level. As the single mother of eight children, six of whom were adopted from homes of abuse and dealing with their own disabilities and traumas, Louise was called to understand the science of behavior so entirely that she could help every one of her own children learn it, regardless of their past experiences and present abilities.

The success of her family is impressive and remains one of her favorite stories to tell. More broadly, she is called to share the reasons and techniques of that success with families worldwide. Sever The Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior is a gorgeous and powerful addition to the family of stories that inspire, teach, and challenge us to take the reins, written by a tireless and brilliant woman.

Sever the Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior is available in most online bookstores. If you can’t find it at your local bookshop or library, please request it. Follow this link to purchase via Amazon: Sever the Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior

About the author: Dr. Lynette Louise is an internationally renowned brain change and behavior expert who teaches a unique and effective approach to continual success andgrowth. An award winning author, speaker, opinion writer, host, recognized humanitarian, and consultant Lynette is universally applauded for her skilled use of science, comedy, and stories when speaking to and teaching groups. Lynette leverages her understanding of how to harness the brain’s plasticity while tapping into her history as a comedian and songwriter, lending leaders and teams a leg up in their industry and lives. Deservedly referred to as “The Brain Broad” Lynette works tirelessly correcting brain dysfunctions and improving group dynamics both at home and abroad. Dr. Lynette Louise is the single mother of eight grown children (six adopted, five cognitively challenged) and is a passionate advocate for children and families facing adversity around the globe.

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