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Maybe… But Probably Not. 2

Crowded holiday malls, strangers at parties with red and green flashing lights, routines thrown out the frosted window for out of town guests and spontaneous caroling. This is a very challenging time for kids and adults on the autism spectrum. It’s a very challenging time for their families. But, isn’t it somewhat stressful for everyone? How is it that these common challenges are just something that some of us have to buck up and handle, while others are given labels like ‘Autistic’ or ‘Sensory Integration Disorder’ and then offered special Santa’s with short lines and tolerant elves? Global autism expert, author and podcast host Lynette Louise MS, CBN-T, CBS would like to explain.

With a little brain science and a lot of easily understood analogies, Lynette will shed light on these whispered questions for your audience, hopefully allowing for a little more understanding and awareness this season! Here is a taste of what she can share (sorry, no eggnog!):

Communication Conundrum: Everyone has topics of interest. We all get passionate about some issues and bored by others. When it’s said that people on the spectrum of autism have a communication disorder, no one gets confused by calling non-verbal or echolalia a disorder, but the inability to find interest in new topics does have eyebrows rising. Lynette can explain how the high delta frequency (low wave) in an autistic persons brain creates not the lack of desire, but lack of ability to share the interest.

The Spectrum-Revealed: Autism is a developmental, whole brain disorder. The brain frequency anomalies and sensory overload make interacting with the world difficult to varying degrees . So, although you can meet one autistic person who is non-verbal, humming and grinning happily as he eats out of the trash, and another who will make eye contact, chat intelligently about the state capitols and remember to say things like ‘nice to meet you’, the common element remains: a developmental, whole brain disorder.

Yet, there’s improvement with therapy?: Yup! Because our brains respond to feedback, we can encourage brain wave activity and neuronal growth with intention.

Lynette Louise will lend her passion and knowledge to revealing the difference between being a little bit quirky or shy, and being on the autism spectrum. Perhaps your hosts can share their strange habits and quirks with Lynette and she can explain why they aren’t –or are!—autistic. It’s lovely to spread awareness over the holidays. Even more fun to spread answers and understanding!

Lynette Louise raised eight children – four of them were on the spectrum of autism. She was able to guide all but one out of autism and into independence. Lynette travels internationally, performing and speaking on the subject of autism and the efficacy of neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain). She is the author of the inspirational and honest new book MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism and host of the radio show A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS! Her one woman musical comedy show CRAZY TO SANE raises awareness –and laughter –around the world.

Contact: Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, CBS PhD in M.O.M, 713-213-7682,,


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