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Learning Love with Autism

For many of us there is a common theme that weaves itself into our lifelong script. These themes are not only great for call backs or silly t-shirts, but also offer tailor made opportunities for life lessons. In the world of Lynette Louise, that common theme is autism. Global autism expert, Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, CBS, travels the world sharing with humor and honesty the skills necessary for connecting with our autistic children. She also examples how these skills will help us effectively connect with our other family members, co-workers, community and our world.

This Valentine’s Day Lynette would like to share with your audience some lessons of the heart that autism challenges us to learn:

  • Connecting: In all of our relationships there is a tendency to pay attention to the things going on around us, to try changing, stopping or encouraging them. With autism these symptoms are clues that we can waste time working on, or we can follow to connect with the child or adult within. Lynette calls this the ‘Law of Distraction’ and reminds us, ‘You keep what you keep your eye on’. In other words, when we connect to our loved one and avoid the distractions, the symptoms become the small things and the cause of them can become clear.
  • Knowing: We know that we love our kids. However, with ASD it’s hard to know if they love us back. Lack of eye contact, fear of touch etc. can make knowing a little bit challenging. Lynette can share how to spot the clues that our autistic loved ones are feeling something special, which bleeds out as a reminder in all our relationships. A reminder that knowing doesn’t come from seeing them do what we would do, but rather what they would do!
  • Showing: Who’d have thought fear of rejection was something parents would have to worry about with their kids? But with ASD it runs rampant. That’s because in trying to show love our way, we often bump into their challenges, get pushed away and feel rejected. Unfortunately many parents, out of respect for their children, stop showing. Don’t! Lynette can share how to show love with your autistic loved one, which will in turn remind you how to comfortably show it everywhere else!

Whether or not you live with autism on a daily basis, everyone can enjoy its sweet answers. Autism is a controversial and challenging disorder that asks us to think outside the box and challenge the social norm. Lynette Louise is gifted at exampling the balance between acceptance and raising the bar. And that, my friends, is love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lynette Louise raised eight children – four of them were on the spectrum of autism. She was able to guide all but one out of autism and into independence. Lynette travels internationally, performing and speaking on the subject of autism and the efficacy of neurofeedback. She is the author of the inspirational and honest book MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism and host of the radio show A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS! Her one woman musical comedy show CRAZY TO SANE raises awareness –and laughter –around the world.

Contact: Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, CBS PhD in M.O.M, 713-213-7682,,


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