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Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) Accepts Role as President/Chair for The Autism Channel Foundation

September 12, 2019 – Simi Valley, CA: Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) has accepted the honor of acting president/chairperson for the new foundation created by Ray Smithers and Jerry Trowbridge of The Autism Channel.

The Autism Channel Foundation has been newly created due to life experience and understanding on the part of The Autism Channel founders that people with autism are too often left without necessary opportunities as they grow older. The mission of The Autism Channel Foundation is “Assuring the Future of those with ASD.”

“I have worked with The Autism Channel for several years now,” says Dr. Lynette Louise, “and they are always authentic in their interest of employing, including, and keeping safe men and women on the autism spectrum. Working with them helps me feel a little less alone in this.”

The foundation will focus on a few specific areas:
1) Aging Out: Parents having children at an older age are also more likely to have children that are autistic. One of the saddest aspects of this is that parents often pass away before their children age out. (The term “age out” refers to when a child is considered an adult and no longer qualifies for financial assistance.) This gives them little opportunity to make arrangements for their child beyond living with them. Parents will be able to apply to the foundation for a grant and if it is approved the foundation will establish an irrevocable trust in the autistic person’s name. Those funds will be released when he or she becomes an adult, as recognized by their home state.

2) Interns: The already existing intern program at The Autism Channel is actively teaching and offering life experience for people on the autism spectrum. It is also doing the same for the non-autistic individuals who work with them. This has proven itself to be of greater value than expected and The Autism Channel Foundation will grow this program by adding more computer workstations and increasing access to transportation and communication options.

3) Community Outreach: The Autism Channel Foundation paid for a professional training program for first responders in dealing with ASD persons in Palm Beach, Florida. The impressive training helped first responders understand how people on the spectrum see the world, giving them a better idea of how to successfully and safely interface with them in real-world situations. The Autism Channel Foundation plans to fund more such important events.

4) Elopement: People with autism love freedom and the outdoors, and deserve to be able to learn and explore safely. However, the number of children lost to wandering and elopement incidents is tragic. The Autism Channel Foundation would like to fund and raise awareness of the many GPS trackers and devices that can help give the freedom and opportunities to learn while offering an additional safety measure.

5) Sub-Titles: Currently, The Autism Channel is seen in more than twenty countries. It would not only be an asset to improve the channel, but a necessary part of including as many people as possible in the programming, to employ a full-time person who can sub-title all of the programming.

All of these issues are congruent with what Dr. Lynette Louise works to improve upon in the world of ASD (she is a spokesperson for GPS SmartSole, because she believes in freedom, she created the show Living with Lynette to employ and include people with disabilities, her international docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD – which airs on The Autism Channel – includes families of many languages and cultures) and hence she has been inspired to join the team.

With Dr. Lynette Louise and The Autism Channel Foundation continuing to work together, the potential to help integrate, bring awareness, and offer concrete help to ASD communities around the world continues to grow in phenomenal ways.

The Autism Channel – Ray Smithers CEO The Autism Channel, Inc. – TACF Senior Advisor,
Dr. Lynette Louise – Lynette Louise, D.Sc., Ph.D. ABD / EMAIL: /
PHONE: 713-213-7682
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