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Influential New Book by Dr. Lynette Louise – Inspire Yourself To Greatness: Change Your Brain, Change The World – Now Available for Kindle

Nov. 9, 2018 – Simi Valley, CA: While award winning author Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) works with her publishing team at Motivational Press to complete the finishing touches on her upcoming book Sever The Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior (expected publication early December, 2018) her recently released book, Inspire Yourself to Greatness: Change Your Brain, Change The World, has been calling attention to itself by becoming a highly recommend read.

Originally available only in paperback (and we confess, for this particular book paperback remains our favorite version) it has recently been released for Kindle as well.

“The latest book from Dr. Lynette Louise is outstanding. She truly walks her talk and that is apparent in her writing. This book is truthful and practical and leaves me with a sense of real hope on how to create and maintain motivation to manifest anything in life. This book is a must read! Thank you Dr. Lynette for being real. It is so appreciated.” ~Amy Jordan, Speaker, Coach, Fitness Expert, Dancer

Bringing her skills together as an international brain expert, storyteller, advocate, and mom, Dr. Lynette Louise’s interactive book enlightens readers with the power of neuroscience, psychology, cultural understanding, and parental love. The result is a compelling brain based book that inspires and empowers readers with expertly timed metaphors and stories that are easily understood while offering scientific insight that engages and motivates. This book inspires readers to inspire themselves.

Whether you prefer to Inspire Yourself to Greatness with paperback or Kindle – or both! – all options are now easily available to you.

Find both paperback and Kindle versions of Inspire Yourself to Greatness: Change Your Brain, Change The World, on Amazon by following this link: Inspire Yourself to Greatness by Dr. Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad)

About the author: Dr. Lynette Louise is an internationally renowned brain change and behavior expert who teaches a unique and effective approach to continual success and growth. An award winning author, speaker, opinion writer, host, recognized humanitarian, and consultant Lynette is universally applauded for her skilled use of science, comedy, and stories when speaking to and teaching groups. Lynette leverages her understanding of how to harness the brain’s plasticity while tapping into her history as a comedian and songwriter, lending leaders and teams a leg up in their industry and lives. Deservedly referred to as “The Brain Broad” Lynette works tirelessly correcting brain dysfunctions and improving group dynamics both at home and abroad. Dr. Lynette Louise is the single mother of eight grown children (six adopted, five cognitively challenged) and is a passionate advocate for children and families facing adversity around the globe.

CONTACT: Lynette Louise, D.Sc., Ph.D. ABD, Doubly Board Certified in Neurofeedback / EMAIL:
PHONE: 713-213-7682
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