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Learning with Lynette: Autism Acceptance Month Series with Dr. Lynette Louise and Louloua Smadi

Simi Valley, CA, April 27, 2021: In a display of candor, courage, and compassion, neurotherapist and play professional Louloua asks her teacher and mentor Dr. Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) to help solve issues that present themselves in Louloua’s work with autistic children. And, importantly, to help her on camera so the solutions, along with the problem solving techniques themselves, can be shared among a larger audience.

Dr. Lynette Louise is an international brain change and behaviour expert specializing in autism. She has over forty years of experience understanding, working with, and advocating for autistic individuals as a mother, friend, clinician, consultant, filmmaker, and partner. In that time she has found creative ways to teach others to replicate what many of her colleagues have dubbed “The Lynette Effect.” Simply put, Lynette has an ability to help all of her clients regulate and become more comfortable and capable, regardless of ability or “outlier” status. It’s sort of a rethinking in how our beliefs, behaviours, and physiology combine to create who we are, partnered with an understanding of how to harness that knowledge so we can help ourselves grow in the direction we want. And, importantly, a belief that every person is worth caring for and connecting with beyond our behaviours and into the place where we are thinking, learning, trying, and reaching out. Generally, with our behaviours.

Louloua Smadi began her relationship with Lynette as the sibling of a client, and then as a client herself. After experiencing the power of neurofeedback firsthand – coloured with Lynette’s brand of personalized caring for each and every person she works with – she soon knew she wanted to follow in Lynette’s footsteps. At Lynette’s suggestion she first studied under several other clinicians with various biofeedback modalities, gathering the thinking and experiences of other renowned neuroscientists into her knowledge of the field. A passionate and insatiable learner with a heart that knows no limits, Louloua now works with special needs children and their families; mainly children with autism. When she or her friends and colleagues have questions, she seeks the most holistic and helpful answers.

In this series, Louloua learns from Lynette on camera in order to spread this learning to as wide an audience as possible. But also to remind viewers – autistic individuals, caregivers, siblings, teachers, parents – that we are not alone. We are not the only ones working to find the greatest, kindest, most effective ways to help ourselves and our loved ones. We are correct when we feel the answers are not easily found, but there are answers. In fact, you have some of those answers yourself and the conversational problem solving nature of these discussions encourages you to notice them.

The Learning with Lynette videos have been consistently uploaded and made public throughout the month of April, Autism Acceptance Month. Topics range from “Autism and Violence: What to do” to “Teaching Autistic People how to Speak” to “Eating and Independence” to “Butt Wiping” and others. And there are more to come. Always, when Lynette and Louloua discuss their parallel desires for helping others, respect for everyone involved is evident, infectious, and inspirational.

A playlist of Learning with Lynette videos is easily available to anyone with access to YouTube and comments are open for people to add their thoughts, questions, and insights.

Follow this link to see the videos: Learning with Lynette

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