Lynette Louise


Money Isn’t Good Or Bad – We Are! #HealingHumans

Money isn’t Good or Bad. We Are!

When I came to Texas I married a millionaire. That didn’t work so I walked away in the same fashion I had lived… penniless.

After that I married a multi millionaire. He was happy to spend four hundred dollars on a romantic dinner but hid in the taco bell bathroom rather than spend forty dollars on my children.

Then I befriended a multi multi millionaire and she was instrumental in my learning who and how to trust. She broke my predetermined opinion into teeny little pieces.

My parents had often fought over money. It seemed to me that money was bad but that I was supposed to want it. So I guess I set out to prove both of these things in my choice of men.

Eventually I overcame that conditioning and made my own money.

Many wonderful people have helped me do good work along the way. Some of them were rich and contributed greatly some of them were poor and contributed greatly.

I have literally been gifted the shoes off a person’s feet so that I could continue my journey of making a difference in the world.

I have been carried in the arms of others. Often.

This is a tribute of gratitude to all of you who have and will continue to help me help others. Thank you for being about love and unity.

Money, Time, Energy, Focus these are all tools. Use them well.


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