Lynette Louise


FOR THE LOVE OF AUTISM… A timely and entertaining interview offering concrete Autism Answers… featuring the new book “MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real-Life Guide to Autism” by Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, CBS; PhD in M.O.M

Lynette Louise is a different kind of professional. This global autism expert is eagerly invited into homes -from India to Beirut to Kansas and more- as families seek understanding. Using her unique blend of play therapy, family dynamics counseling and neurofeedback, Lynette lights the path to successful parenting. This is because Lynette is a woman who truly gets what it is to live and breathe autism.

Raising eight children on her own, (four on the autism spectrum) and attempting to pay the bills put Lynette in a unique position: observer and teacher to a variety of spectrum disordered brains and juggler of work and family. It also forced her to deal with her own slightly broken brain. Stand-up comedy helped pay the bills and served as a reminder to see the funny in every situation and the possibilities in life’s challenges.

Travelling the globe working with children and their families as well as speaking to large groups of parents and professionals has made it apparent that the growing numbers of autism beg for honest explanations of the autistic brain accompanied by concrete answers. Lynette found most of those answers in the anatomy of the brain by facilitating change with neurofeedback. Even without this technology though, Lynette offers surprising and intuitive solutions for creating positive change in every family, every child; every single time.

Lynette will share with your audience self- revealing, inspirational, informative and often times hilarious anecdotes from her own life as well as from the lives she has helped change along the way. In this way your audience will gain hope and a renewed energy to roll up their sleeves and make miracles!

Some Sample Questions that will get Fun and Informative Answers: How did travelling the country in a van and performing in prisons play an important role in your families healing (surprising story)? Is it necessary to give feedback with a computer to see positive change? Can you explain your belief in autism as a gift? Is it true that autistic children don’t bond, don’t show love? How hard is this on parents? Do you believe toxins in our environment affect the numbers of autism? What is a ‘spectrum disorder’? (Lynette is great at helping people understand this concept) Lynette could be seen doing neurofeedback on camera (to herself or volunteer) so the audience will be able to visualize the therapy.

Availability: Nationwide by arrangement; available as a last-minute guest.

To schedule an interview contact Lynette Louise 713-213-7682 or email (see a clip of Lynette on Midday Sunday, FOX/KTTV-TV, Los Angeles) for more information on neurofeedback and autism


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