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Holiday Fun for Autism and All! Five tips for enjoying the holidays with your whole family

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Global autism expert, therapist, speaker/performer, podcast host, author and mom Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, has happily compiled a list of twelve surprising and actionable autism spectrum Christmas tips! As with all her autism suggestions these tips are great for enjoying the holidays and offering concrete learning’s for children on the autism spectrum as well as every other rug-rat in your holiday household. They will be posted on her neurofeedback and autism website for Thanksgiving, November 24th 2011. We would love to share five with you now!

1 – Every child likes to shop – their way. So when you take your kids shopping take them shopping – not you. Do this for all your children, not just the autistic child. Admire their choices. So what if they buy their sister a jar of mustard? Maybe they think that is a good gift. Instead of simply redirecting them, try to understand why.

2- In other words give control – your children spend their days being ordered and shaped so let go on the holidays and let them just be autistic (or fourteen) for a change.

3- Make the car your friend. It is familiar and smells like family so if they need a space to pull themselves together in use the car– it goes everywhere!

4- Eat in unison. This means that if they have a special diet either everyone picks their favorite foods and your ASD child feels happy with that, or everyone eats the special diet … because way too often the difference in the diets drives the kids to tantrum.

5 – Give gifts that THEY want, NOT toys the educational department approves of. For example, if your child loves baby pillows give him a refrigerator box full of them. If he wants that every year– so be it. Those other toys come from our wishes not theirs. So those other toys are not gifts; they are lessons.

Christmas is a crazy mix of excitement and stress. Our children feel that energy, especially our more sensitive autistic ones. Lynette’s tips will help moms, dads, grandparents and family friends approach the holidays with intention and fun. Stress often disappears when given the great gift of knowing what to do. Lynette reminds families, ‘You can’t teach a child to relax and enjoy family unless you do’. Happy Holidays!

Contact: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD is Doubly Board Certified in Neurofeedback and is working on her PhD in Psychology with a specialty in Psychophysiology at Saybrook University 713-213-7682,


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