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In the last five years the number of children diagnosed with autism has jumped so significantly it has gone from an unheard of curiosity blamed on unloving mothers to a common term and fear blamed on everything from immunizations to pollution, or even an attempt at making excuses for kids who are just out of control. While the world struggles to understand the cause of this epidemic one woman gives the gift of understanding how to love and change not only the diagnosed child but a world completely rocked by autism. “MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism” is a book that helps readers to understand the diagnosis and gives them the tools to change it.

Lynette Louise, the author of this important book ( raised eight children (six adopted, four labelled autistic) eventually guiding all but one off of the autism spectrum. As a mother of multiple children with a spectrum disorder at a time when it was seen as entirely incurable, she found herself searching for and trying all available therapies, observing her different children’s reactions to changes in diet and routine, learning to understand and identify their many progressions and regressions. Eventually a lifetime of loving and learning with her children guided her to a remarkable new tool; neurofeedback. Suddenly everything made sense. All she had observed, the different things that seemed to help some but hinder others, had a reason that could not only be understood, but also guided and helped to change. Now that she had discovered this wonderful new answer she continued her education, becoming a certified technition and has dedicated herself to teaching what took her so much trial and error to learn. Using a combination of play therapy, neurofeedback and family dynamics counselling Lynette travels the globe healing families through their children.

In “MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism” Lynette not only shares stories from her personal and professional life but also illuminates the whys and the wherefores of the social climate parents find themselves in when coping with autism. She does this by educating us on the history of science and social awareness in relation to this disorder. She then teaches us how to make the best of what is possible and recreate the healings she has been fortunate enough to facilitate. The reader will come away understanding how to understand autism. They come away knowing what to do.

In order to share what she has learned Lynette chose a user friendly fashion and broke the book down into two sections. The first section is her personal journey shared with surprising honesty and humor. Lynette as mother to eight children struggled in her attempts to understand and heal the families brains while simultaneously trying to pay the bills. Singing and doing comedy on stage turned out to be the best way to feed her family while she learned to see the hilarity of her situation. She shares this humor in the pages of her book even as she shares the frustrations of her journey.

The second section is more of a resource where readers can learn about the science and history of autism as well as the many therapies and diets being used around the globe. Lynette explores with the reader in detail the history of how these therapies and diets came to be, what she has learned works, and why.

Throughout the entire book can be found stories shared by families who have gained help from Lynette. She underscores the message that Miracles Are Made out of hard work and loving persistence through these stories. She also uses the stories to express the different paths experienced by different therapy choices. Lynette then explains how and why these therapies were complimented or replaced by what she brought to the table.

While there are many books out there on autism, “MIRACLES ARE MADE” is the only one that offers historical understanding, personal triumph, enlightenment on the incongruence of present day approaches and concrete answers. This book is written for both parents and professionals because Lynette is both a parent and a professional who desires to be instrumental in creating positive change.

The official release date for “MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism” is April 2, 2011 (national autism awareness day) however copies are available for press, book reviewers and ‘folks in the know’ immediately. Please visit to view and/or purchase your own copy, or contact the publisher (Robert D. Reed Publishers) directly at


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