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Twenty New Episodes of Letters to Lynette with host Dr. Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad) Will Air on The Autism Channel in 2018

May 21, 2018, Simi Valley, CA – On May 15, 2018, filming for twenty new episodes of Letters to Lynette, the popular show exclusive to The Autism Channel, were completed. The segments are expected to begin rolling out in June and will be available on demand throughout the year.

Letters to Lynette is a fifteen to twenty minute show wherein international brain change expert and autism specialist Dr. Lynette Louise (known affectionately as “The Brain Broad”) answers viewer’s personalized questions. The first three episodes of the show aired to great success in 2017 and remain available on demand.

The Autism Channel also hosts Dr. Louise’s renowned international docuseries FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD. FIX IT IN FIVE is an entertaining, educational, and inspirational series. The Brain Broad takes audiences with her via the lens of a camera into homes around the world. Each season – of which there are two available for viewing (Uganda, USA) and one to be released this year (Israel) with two still to be filmed (undetermined) for a total of five families in five different countries – brings audiences with Dr. Lynette Louise into a home where at least one family member is affected with autism and an additional diagnosed brain challenge. Often the other family members are also afflicted and mutually helped. With love, creativity, out of the box thinking, and neurofeedback, Dr. Louise gives the family a free five day outreach, helping the family heal while teaching viewers how to do the same. Always there is laughter, learning, forward momentum, new skills acquired and deep connections made.

“I believe families, educators, and care givers will get the most out of what I have to share if they pair the two shows. With FIX IT IN FIVE they can see my advice put into action and made practical. They get to watch it work. I am able to teach tangible lessons while exploring behavior and cultures on both a practical and philosophical level. And by watching a family other than your own be open to learning and candidly sharing their concerns, audiences absorb the possibilities for their own lives because their personal defenses are down. I love all of the families I work with and so I model the exciting changes created by purposeful playfulness and love,” Dr. Lynette Louise explains. “However, with Letters to Lynette, people ask me specific questions relating to their exact situations. Of course I don’t know the people writing in so my challenge is in answering the question in a way that helps them as well as the rest of the viewers. The question is a surprise for me as the producer prints them out and places them in the mailbox. I see the question for the first time and answer with the cameras on. This is done in one take because I want it to have the same feel as a live Q&A and because I want to model that once you understand this population you always know what to do. Having questions in your own personal Letters to Lynette segment answered is useful for the moment of course, but the benefits are exponential and easily applied in all areas of their lives, especially when understood from every angle via the lessons I offer in greater detail with my other projects.”

Dr. Lynette Louise is in a unique position to teach these lessons because she is a mother of eight; six were adopted and four had several mental health dysfunctions, including autism. She was also diagnosed as having come off the spectrum of autism herself. And for the past 30 years she has worked effectively around the globe with families and individuals struggling with various mental health issues (autism, Tourette’s, anorexia, addiction, ADHD, cerebral palsy, etc.). In this way she understands deeply the plight of the parent, the individual, and the professional. And because she has such a knowledgeable grasp of the subject, she is able to take her teachings into any environment and mold them to fit.  “This is why it was so important to me to have a series that travels the globe. What I teach helps people grow healthier and happier in every home, in every culture, and with every style of family. I want to share this gift with others. I remember desperately wanting it myself.”

Previous episodes of Letters to Lynette explored topics such as violence and social skills. The upcoming episodes range in flavor from How do you know if you are autistic? to Is there a connection between my son’s smelly feet and his violence? There was also this crafty one: What do I do about my child’s love of string and belts?

“I am grateful to individuals who are willing to be vulnerable in this way and share their fears or road blocks. Too often I am only able to help people one at a time because of confidentiality or secrecy. I honestly believe this secrecy is a dangerous problem in most cultures. So, again, I thank my letter writers and hope my answers are able to serve as a gift in return,” says Dr. Lynette Louise.

Episodes of Letters to Lynette are available on The Autism Channel (which is free with a Roku Box or Panasonic Viera TV) and can also be seen on their Facebook page. You can send your questions for Dr. Lynette Louise to Episodes of FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD can be seen on The Autism Channel and Women’s Broadcast Network. They can also be rented or owned via Vimeo On-Demand. Please visit Lynette’s website for all links and more info:

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